Transport and luggage transfer to Chambéry

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Chambéry – An historic city surrounded by a outstanding mountainous landscape

The city of Chambéry is located in the Savoie department in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. This town is located at 110 km from the city of Lyon. Particularly known for its old-fashioned district of the city and its castle Dukes of Savoie. It also has a beautiful landscape, especially during the winter season with many ski resorts in the surrounding area.

Thanks to its location, the city was nicknamed the “European natural crossroads”. Ideally located between Italy 210 km from Turin and Switzerland 85 km from Geneva, it is also halfway between the city of Grenoble and Annecy. With this location as well as its landscape, and its cultural heritage, the city of Chambéry is developing with a great tourist affluence during the winter season with many ski resorts located in its surroundings. In addition, with its Savoie Mont-Blanc University, it has become a popular city for students and professionals attending regularly events at the Chambéry Exhibition Center.

We offer you a short introduction to discover the heart of Savoie through different points. First of all, by introducing you to the various existing arrival points, the places where professional and general public events are held, as well as some very comfortable places to stay, and finally all our recommendations concerning the tourist activities in the city and its surroundings.

The different places of arrival in the city and its surroundings

Chambéry Savoie Airport: This airport is located not far from the city of Aix-les-Bains (5km) and 10km from the city of Chambéry. It regularly hosts flights on a European scale from Great Britain or Netherlands. During the winter season, it becomes one of the leading French and European airports for business aviation.

The train station of Chambéry Challes-les-Eaux : It’s served by TGV and TER Auvergne Rhône-Alpes trains. As well as Thalys during the weekends of the winter season due to the large number of visitors.

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Event locations and company seminar hosts

Chambéry Exhibition Center: The main venue for large-scale events in the city. Savoiexpo welcomes you to its exhibition center with an interior surface area of 11,300m², providing halls, a glass gallery and a 3000-seat amphitheatre. This place hosts professional events as well as events for the general public from the Alpipro exhibition to the Savoie Trade Fair.

Château d’Escart: Ideal for organising your seminars, congresses or conferences.

The Hub des Alpes: 500m² at your disposal to organise your professional events.

Host institutions : Hotels & Rental apartment hosts


Châteaux de Candie : A 4-star hotel located 10 minutes by car from Chambéry, enjoy a gorgeous natural complex of 6 hectares. The establishment offers different types of rooms to meet all your needs. From the single comfort room to the family suite and a prestigious room.

Hotel le Cinq : Hotel with 4 stars located in the center of Chambéry, only 10 minutes walk from the city center and 30 minutes from Savoiexpo. A buffet breakfast is also served, private pool and jacuzzi facilities are included in the service.

Hôtel des Princes : A 3-star establishment located in the heart of the city and very close to the Elephant Fountain. This hotel will immediately make you feel the vibe of the city, art and its history. It will introduce you regional products with its buffet-style breakfast. A seminar room is also available upon reservation in advance by requesting a quote.

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Do you plan to come to Chambéry during the winter season? Or would you like to change your vibe and contemplate this magnificent mountainous landscape? Are you on a business trip in the region? Switch to bleisure mode during your free time!

We have listed the best places and tourist activities to do during your stay in Chambéry and its surroundings!

The Old City
Castles of the Dukes of Savoy
Elephant Fountain
The Rotunda

Elephants fountain located in the city of Chambéry.

The ski resorts:

– Saint Pierre de Chartreuse, le Planolet located 39km away: This famous resort located in the center of the Chartreuse Regional Natural Park. It has 28 trails that group together all the difficulties in a fairly homogeneous way. As a result, this resort, which is the most important ski area in the Chartreuse massif. Every year, it attracts many “snow” skiers and snowboard professionals.

– Margeriaz located 32 km away: Station-village during the winter period as well as the summer period. Margeriaz resort offers you a multitude of choices regarding the activities to try. This resort is not just a place offering activities grouped around skiing during the winter season. It is also a variety of activities such as trail riding, climbing, mountain biking, hiking or paragliding during summer period.

– Flumet located 74 km away: Embark on one of the most recent ski resorts in Savoie. Explore the 192 km of playful trails at your disposal, with passages between forests, mountain pastures and in the heart of villages.

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